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Send a gift of love this Christmas

Will you send a gift of love to a child this Christmas?

View the ALO Update Vol 24 No 4 which features the Christmas Needs List

This Christmas, won’t you choose a need and an amount that best fits you and send a gift with love to Asia’s needy children?

You can make a secure online contribution or fill out a form to mail in with your check.  In the comments, just indicate "Christmas gift" and list the specific items.

To Cambodia with love

Vol26No4aSihanoukville Children’s Home Christmas List

  • $3 Bath towels for one child
  • $5 Shoes for one child
  • $6 Special meal for one child or staff member
  • $7 Toy for one child
  • $20 Set of clothes for one child
  • $30 Wall fans for worship center (10)
  • $35 Complete Christmas for one child
  • $60 Paint, 5-gallon bucket (10)
  • $300 Speakers for worship center (2)

Christmas is the highlight of the year for the 41 children at Sihanoukville Children’s Home. We start by setting up Christmas trees, making ornaments, and practicing for the Christmas program. This is when the best memories are made.

Christmas Day brings a special chapel where the children hear the Christmas story. They perform a Christmas drama in which the youngest children get to play the part of sheep. This is a very important tradition. We all share a special meal together and celebrate Jesus’ birthday with a cake. After napping, it’s time to open gifts, play games, have more special food, and watch a Christmas movie in the Khmer language.

To see Christmas through the eyes of an orphan is to see God’s love poured out. They are so excited to see something done for them alone. It just says, “You are special.” Thank you for making this a special day. —Brett VanderMolen (Sihanoukville Children's Home Director)

Salaa Hope Christian School Christmas List

  • $10 Chair for new dining hall (150)
  • $15 Basketball (10)
  • $15 Soccer ball (10)
  • $15 Volleyball (10)
  • $150 Table for new dining hall (10)
  • $150 Bass guitar (1)
  • $250 Acoustic guitar (1)
  • $500 Electric piano (1)
  • $800 Drum set (1)
  • $850 Computer for computer lab (30)

Vol26No4cThe Christmas program is one of the highlights of the year for the 340 students and staff at Salaa Hope Christian School. Every class spends weeks preparing for its part in the singing or the Christmas play.

Our first Christmas in Battambang (1999), we gave each student an apple, an orange, and a small gift. Apples and oranges were a rare treat for the children, so it was amazing to see so many of them save their apple and orange to share with their families. It brought tears to our eyes! As we emphasize the importance of Christmas, we pray that our students will grow up learning the reason we celebrate Christmas and share it with their families. —Kelly Robinette (Salaa Hope Christian School Director)

You can make a secure online contribution or fill out a form to mail in with your check.  In the comments, just indicate "Christmas gift" and list the specific items.

To the Philippines with love

King’s Garden Children’s Home Christmas List

  • $5 Badminton racket (20)
  • $15 Basketball (10)
  • $15 Board game (5)
  • $15 Soccer ball (8)
  • $30 School uniform for one child

Vol26No4bIn the Philippines it is traditional for people to bless orphans and others in need at Christmas. Many local Filipinos get together to bless the 48 kids at King’s Garden Children’s Home. These parties include a lunch from the local fast-food restaurant; the typical meal is Chicken Joy—fried chicken with gravy, rice, and sweet spaghetti. The children and staff love it.

We have relays, play musical chairs, and hold singing contests. The staff also plans a special party in which all the children receive gifts. The night before Christmas, we pile into our two old vans and head to the provincial capital, Balanga. The windows of buildings on the central plaza are outlined with miniature blue lights. It is breathtaking. The plaza also has giant fountains, an old Spanish church, and a huge electronic billboard. The children are truly amazed!

We visit the mall and get an ice cream treat. Our trip home meanders along the slow-moving and ancient National Highway through the villages with their Christmas lights and merry church goers. Multicolored lights swirl from Filipino parols, fancy star-shaped decorations made of Capiz shells. The word for happy in the Filipino language is “masaya,”and that’s exactly what our Christmas Eve trip makes us! —Jenny Glick (King's Garden Children's Home Director)

Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch Christmas List

  • $3 School supplies for one child for a month (70 × 5 months)
  • $5 Educational workbooks for one child for a month (70 × 5 months)
  • $15 Basketball (10)
  • $15 Board game (10)
  • $30 School uniform for one student (70)
  • $40 Bed sheets (70)
  • $100 Educational games
  • $350 Computer for computer lab (12)
  • $500 Paint for one building (6)
  • $2,000 New cement road
  • $5,000 Staff housing renovation

Before I came here, my dad and mom were not around. I lived with my neighbor. She would allow me to join their Christmas party to eat spaghetti but would not give me a nice gift—only a used ponytail holder. My neighbor would hug tight her own kids, but if I wanted a hug, I only got a pat on the head or back. I felt sad.

The local church told us about Jesus and the purpose for Christmas, but I did not understand. I didn’t feel good enough to be loved or born again or know Jesus. But now I understand His love and forgiveness. I can forgive my dad, my mom, my neighbors.

My first Christmas at Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch was when I was 12. My wish that year was for a dress, jeans, and sandals. I am thankful because I am blessed. I drew in my journal a picture of my dress and sandals. I keep it in my Bible. I loved receiving the sock (a stocking filled with candy and small prizes). I ate the chocolate but shared the other candy with my friends here. I’m so excited for my gift this Christmas! —Lynshi, age 16 (one of the 70 kids at HHCR) 

You can make a secure online contribution or fill out a form to mail in with your check.  In the comments, just indicate "Christmas gift" and list the specific items.

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