Fun in the Son


What is it about summer that makes us so happy? Summer vacation? Taking a break from the stress and worries of life? Days that are slow and easy? Buying a frosty treat from the ice-cream truck? Fun in the sun with family?

The kids in Asia Pacific are not so different from you. They love to play and have fun, let down their hair, and relax with those they love. But it’s not so easy to take a break and have fun when you’re one of the destitute kids helped by the many benevolence ministries Asia’s Little Ones supports.

When we first see them, their grim faces seem to have forgotten how to smile.

Consumed with worry and fear, they don’t know the luxury of laughter.

They must learn how to relax. Their malnourished bodies must regain their strength, and their heads must give their hearts permission to play.

ALO helps ensure that kids like these get everything they need to live better lives—food and clothing, a roof over their heads, health care, an education, a chance to know the heavenly Father who loves them. Then it’s time for some fun in the Son—and the sun.

This month, celebrate the icing on the child-care cake. For thousands of needy kids in Asia Pacific, ALO helps them to live in the Son’s light—and makes it fun to be a kid again. Thanks for helping return joy to children’s lives.

You can provide lifelines for vulnerable children in Asia Pacific.