Amelita's Answered Prayer


In 2007 our update featured Amelita’s story from abuse to success as she celebrated becoming the first student to graduate from high school at Happy Horizons Academy. Now she has graduated from college with a degree in political science.

Amelita started looking for a job, intent on saving money, with the dream of eventually going back to school to earn a law degree.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, Happy Horizons was starting a new phase in its efforts against human trafficking, trying to focus on younger girls and saving them from sexual exploitation before they started down that ruinous road. In a brainstorming session, the Lord brought Amelita’s name to director Nancy Garrison’s mind. She remembered Amelita saying at age 13, “I want to be a child advocacy attorney” and reaffirming that goal through the years.

Today Happy Horizons is delighted to introduce you to its new advocacy director—Amelita! She will attend school on evenings and weekends to finish her law degree, and she has already committed to joining the team as a full-fledged attorney when she is finished.

Amelita’s smile and determination are still infectious. “This is a prayer come true,” she says.

God will carry on in the lives of countless girls what He started in Amelita’s life. Thanks to your giving and prayers, the torch has been passed to another generation of workers for His kingdom.

See Amelita and other HHCR Alumni In Defense as they pass along the blessings friends like you have given them: Watch video

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