Maranatha: Hope for Kachin's War Orphans

In May 2018, a pastor with the Myanmar Assemblies of God accepted the first orphans at the new Maranatha Center. This residential center for boys and girls ages 5 to 14 has an initial capacity of 90.

Some of the children at Maranatha have been orphaned by the war; others were separated from their parents when they fled. Many have no idea whether their families are alive or where to find them. There are no mechanisms for finding lost loved ones or reuniting families. The uncertainty is painful. Many kids have seen their parents and others killed, injured, or abused. They have watched as their villages were destroyed and their homes and churches burned.

When they first arrive at Maranatha, the trauma they’ve experienced is evident in their faces, their posture, and their behavior. They are fearful, disengaged, and mute. They don’t play like normal kids. One of the most gratifying aspects of working with Maranatha Center is watching these wounded children heal, blossom, and come alive with the physical, spiritual, and emotional care and stability they are given. What a joy to see the fear and trauma on a child’s face slowly replaced by a smile!

In addition to their emotional trauma, arriving children are in poor physical condition. Many are malnourished and have parasites stemming from the harsh conditions of living on the run in the jungle. Children are fed warm, nutritious meals and given medical treatment to restore their health and strength.

Before coming to Maranatha Center, many of these kids had never had a chance to go to school. That’s why providing an education—both biblical and academic—is a top priority.

Through Maranatha, a child can have all they will need for $650 a year — nutritious meals, clothing, schooling, medical care, counseling, and a safe, loving home. Help us as we partner with Maranatha to make it possible.

You can provide lifelines for vulnerable children in Asia Pacific.