New Kindergarten Plants Seeds for the Future


We opened Baan Rom Yen Christian Kindergarten (Thailand) on May 18, 2009, with 10 students. Three of the students were from the House of Grace children’s home. Three students came from families in our village who attend the local church. However, four of the students came from Buddhist families. Many of the parents were impressed with the curriculum and the strong English program in our school.

We teach the Bible to the kids every day. They are learning about God and His love. They are learning to pray. Although they’re young, we believe God is working in their hearts.

We also have opportunities to minister to the families during special events. The pastor from our church gives a short message at all events. Over time, we hope these families will accept Christ as Savior.

Although some of the students come from Buddhist homes, this is a Christian school. We sing worship songs and have a Bible lesson every day. We are also trying to teach the kids about God’s love and living for Him throughout all parts of the day.

The school’s teachers visited the homes of students. At these visits, many parents shared with us about their kids’ trying to teach them about God at home.

A grandmother shared that when she takes her five-year-old grandson to the temple, after the monks finish their chant, the little boy loudly says, “Amen.” Everyone at the temple laughs.

Three-year-old Angel comes from a Buddhist family. However, her parents are pleased with our school and feel we are teaching her good values and helping her become more responsible. Her mom told us that in the evenings, Angel is trying to teach her younger sister and grandmother to pray “in Jesus’ name, amen.” Already, this three-year-old girl is beginning to share God’s love and truth with her Buddhist family.

I know these are small seeds, but I believe God will bring a harvest.

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