Jomar: Past or Pastor


Jomar: Past or Pastor

Jomar is one of the pastors at Family Circus. Every week, he helps share the gospel with thousands of kids who can look to him as an example and a story of hope. He’s a clown at times (seriously), but even that’s nothing to joke about. He is an expert communicator who uses drama as his medium. He knows that the greatest message is God’s love and forgiveness, and without it, children are headed to eternity without hope.

Each week, he also helps cook the meals for the thousands of children attending Family Circus. He has been the primary assistant in distributing almost a quarter of a million meals to the children last year.

Jomar’s ministry to the children would have been unlikely without the help of the same ministry of which he’s now part. Jomar’s father was an addict, and Jomar and his eleven brothers and sisters lived an uncertain life in a squatter’s shack in a slum with little hope for the future. But God, Family Circus, and your contributions helped change all that. The investment of funds that provided food, dental care, first aid, and weekly ministry all played a part in the response of this young man to become aminister of the gospel. Now 24, Jomar is a high-school graduate, a married man, and a godly father of two young children—thanks in large part to God’s love shared through 16 years of involvement with Family Circus.

Each week at Family Circus, thousands of kids are cared for and given the same challenge to graduate into a life of service for the King. Darrell and Sandy Blatchley of Family Circus are understandably proud of Jomar’s decision to serve God and the children. “We believe he will continue to shine like the stars of God’s universe as he leads many to Him.”

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