A Little Girl's Prayer for Mothers


As a little girl growing up in the Philippines, Rashelle knew that she was blessed. Because her parents loved Jesus, their home was full of love. “I grew up overwhelmed by the love and care of my mom, who is a full-time and selfless housewife,” Rashelle explained. “But at a young age, I saw kids around me who were not experiencing that same love and care. As a little child, I once prayed and told God that I wished I could replicate my mom and distribute them to those kids.”

As providence would have it, God made Rashelle the answer to her own prayer. After earning her degree in social work, she followed her caring heart (which she inherited from and saw modeled by her mother) and joined Childcare Community Ministries Philippines (CCMP). This organization feeds malnourished children but also teaches families the basics of healthy childcare. She quickly launched the program Responsible Parenthood and Child Protection, conducting seminars for parents while creatively teaching their kids. “Parents play a crucial role in the lives of their children and in society,” Rashelle said. “I see lots of children heading the wrong way in life because their parents, who are supposed to shepherd them, didn’t do the very important task entrusted to them. It has been my heart’s desire to do something to help.”

Rashelle is committed to working with parents to improve their families’ lives because she knows the difference strong parents make. “Ephesians 2:10 says that ‘we are God’s masterpiece.’ I believe our parents are the ones He uses to start that masterpiece in us. God uses them to mold us to someday be just like Him.”

With the help of her heavenly Father, Rashelle is replicating caring mothers for hundreds of kids who will finally have the chance to be God’s masterpieces.

You can provide lifelines for vulnerable children in Asia Pacific.