Training Kids to Win

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Since 1993, Darrell and Sandy Blatchley have worked to meet the physical and spiritual needs of hundreds of thousands of children and their families in the Philippines. In addition to providing food, medicine, dental care, and general assistance to countless families, the Family Circus Children's Ministries is changing hearts and lives through the power of God’s Word. 

“Scripture makes up a major part of our ministry to the kids. They learn Scripture verses each week,” explains “Uncle” Darrell Blatchley. The Blatchleys have set to music approximately 75 key Bible verses that help kids learn and remember those verses as well as the Bible stories and truths based on them that are taught each week. The kids love to learn and sing the songs—in church, at home, and in the streets of “Muslim Friendship Village.” They sing the songs when they’re alone. They sing them to their families and with other kids. And they especially love singing them to Uncle Darrell and Aunt Sandy. That’s because Uncle Darrell faithfully digs small prizes out of his massive backpack to reward the kids’ accomplishments and show them that they’re winners when they learn God’s Word and live by it.

“We have kids as young as 5 and 6 years old memorizing scores of Scripture verses,” says Uncle Darrell. “As a result, we’re seeing family members give their hearts to Jesus as children take the gospel back home with them.”

He continues: “As we reach the children, we will be able to change the next generation and the generations after that because we plant and hide God’s Word in their hearts.” The food and care Family Circus provides help kids win battles in this life. The spiritual training and opportunity to know Jesus give them the opportunity to be winners for eternity.

  • The purpose of Family Circus is to bring the life and joy of Jesus to lost and hurting children. They minister to the spiritual and physical needs of children, combining both evangelism and discipleship.

  • Each week, thousands gather for services at the Family Circus ministry center, where their hearts as well as their stomachs will be filled. Two thirds of the attendees are children; half of them are malnourished.

  • Over the years, tens of thousands of people have heard that Jesus loves them; thousands have accepted Jesus into their hearts.

You can provide lifelines for vulnerable children in Asia Pacific.