Wanted: Special Child

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Would anyone ever want this unfortunate baby?

Born to a mother in a Thai prison, the little guy’s life—and prospects for the future—were bleak. At infancy, he had been permitted to stay in prison overnight with his mother; but when he reached the age of 18 months, that was no longer an option. This baby, child of an illegal immigrant, had no one looking out for him. He had been passed from pillar to post with no continuity and little regard.

When Terry and Debbie Waisner first saw the child, it was in prison; the boy was lying on a cement pad surrounded by wire. Surely something terrible was wrong with this baby. He had little muscle control in his neck, so his head, which seemed unusually large, flopped awkwardly. His eyes were rolled back into that head so only the whites showed, and he was covered in his own drool. Would Chiang Rai Children’s Home want the child?

Overwhelmed with compassion for the boy but frightened at the prospect of what special needs he obviously had, the Waisners knew just one thing to do. Debbie took the child in her arms, and Terry cried out to God: “Oh God, what do we do? If it’s your will, then let us have this little boy.”

Three weeks later, it was official. The little boy came to Chiang Rai Children’s Home, where he was named “David,” and where he was loved, nurtured, and accepted. “When you come to the children’s home, suddenly you’ve got 140 brothers and sisters,” Terry explained. “You’re one of us.”

Although David had seemed incapable of speaking, he started to prosper with care and love. He adapted well to the routines of life at the home, which included chores, devotions, Scripture memorization, schooling, and interaction with lots of kids. Little by little, David began to grow and blossom. “It was like polishing brass,” Terry said.

One day, when the kids were reciting the Bible verses they had memorized to some visiting guests, someone handed a microphone to little David. With confidence and precision, David amazed everyone by reciting an entire chapter of the Bible.

David was more than okay—he was exceptionally bright! He’s an honor-roll student full of energy and promise. In fact, recently, 11-year-old David wrote a school essay on agriculture that won second place—in the entire nation of Thailand.

David is no longer the throwaway kid no one wanted. He is a special child with special promise and a bright future—thanks to God and people who cared, as David acknowledges…thanks to people like you.

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