Ga Nong's Promise


Ga Nong’s family is exceptionally poor, but she is a child rich with promise. Against all odds, this young girl is succeeding and has a real chance to achieve what few other children in Laos—especially girls—can ever hope for: to become a doctor.

This would be little short of a miracle. In a country with one of the lowest incomes in the world (one-third of the population is below the international poverty line, living on less than $1.25 per day), Ga Nong’s family is considered one of the poorest of the poor. They own no land, so they have no way even to grow their own rice or vegetables. There is no way they could afford to feed, much less educate, Ga Nong and her three siblings.

But the Life Center (formerly the Street Kids’ Center) specializes in miracles for poor children like Ga Nong. Caring friends like you have made it possible for Ga Nong to go to school since first grade.

Ga Nong and others like her attend classes at a local school (a half-day program) and then come to the Life Center for lunch and afternoon tutoring. The Life Center provides funds for the kids’ educational costs, uniforms, books, and school supplies.

Given such a chance, Ga Nong has excelled. She is the top student in her class and has earned the notice of the District Minister of Education. He traveled all the way to the Life Center to award Ga Nong a certificate and gift in recognition of her hard work and achievement. This was a great honor for her and for the Life Center.


Perhaps most impressive is Ga Nong’s dream for the future. Becoming a doctor is an ambitious goal for a poor village girl. In fact, the workers familiar with Ga Nong say they have never seen a girl with her background dare to dream so big! They are convinced this is a desire the Father has placed in her heart and are excited to watch Ga Nong fulfill her promise and all that the Father is doing in her.

Economic and societal pressures strongly hinder the success of poor children in Laos. But with just a little help, these kids can overcome. Please help us to help Ga Nong and all of the promising children at the Life Center make the most of this opportunity and fulfill their big dreams and early promise.

You can provide lifelines for vulnerable children in Asia Pacific.

Education, LaosNicco Musacchio