From Hungry to Helping

Rashelle and her family were so poor that they lived in a shanty town within one of Metro Manila’s dumps, among mountains of trash that reached as high as a seven-story building. One day, after heavy rains, one of those mountains of trash shifted and fell, killing hundreds of people, including Rashelle’s older brother.

But Rashelle was able to escape her life of poverty and tragedy. Christian ministries like CCMP helped the family get out of the dump and purchase their own home. Eventually, Rashelle was given a college scholarship. With her education, she became a social worker. Rashelle will never forget how CCMP and others worked to help her family. She is now CCMP’s social worker. God is using her and her childhood experiences to give hope to other children and keep them from experiencing the trauma of poverty and hunger.

What are you waiting for? It costs just 50 cents per day for each child in the CCMP program. If we all skipped one meal each week, how many children could we afford to feed? How many can we afford to wait to feed? Every day, more children cross the threshold, and it’s too late to undo all the damage caused by malnutrition.

Many good things in this world can wait. A hungry child cannot.

You can provide lifelines for vulnerable children in Asia Pacific.

Nicco Musacchio